shadow1Wishes do not always come true. “Why not?” you ask with a bit of petulance like a child, and this is important. When you were a child, did you not at times wish for things that were not good for you? Did not some wiser being try to tell you so, but you did not believe them? They had the bigger picture, but all you could see was how good your wish fulfilled would make you feel. In a way, nothing has changed, only you are no longer a child. Yes, we often advise you to be child-like, but in this case—the case of wondering why all of your wishes are not answered, we are asking you to imagine the greater perspective that the child may not have.
In many cases, individual humans, whether child or adult, may not have the greater picture that those in the greater reality enjoy. It then comes up to a matter of trust. Yes, not “down to” but “up to” trust. You are being well looked after from a higher vibratory level if you can get your human side out of the way. You do not walk alone, and you are well loved. Free will often gets in the way of helping to fulfill your wishes, but beyond that, as long as you remain in a body, there will always be some things that cannot be explained. Trust us. All is in perfect order.