jiminy 2“When you wish upon a star, dreams come true where’re you are.”  This is like a fairy tale to you, is it not?  A story learned in your childhood, which filled you with excitement.  And now, in your later years, all grown up, you smile wistfully—and some of you bitterly—and say, “If only it were that easy.”  In a world of time, where often time lags considerably between wishes and wishes fulfilled, you may not see much sense in wishing upon a star, but we wish to encourage you to do so anyway. 

Whilst being as a child, which is always advisable, for children know joy and hope, hold the vision of your wish ever so clear in your heart.  Push your adult thoughts of “reality” aside, and (as you say) “go for it.”  All begins with a dream, a vision.  The more you buy into your dream and see it as reality as you wish upon that star, the more likelihood you have of your wish coming true.  This is manifestation, and it requires you to be “all in” to see results.

Note from Suzanne:  I went to choose a photo to accompany this message from Sanaya dictated to me this morning in meditation.  I used “wish upon a star” as my search words in Google Images.  What a surprise to see that this phrase is from Jiminy Cricket, the same character who came up yesterday when Sanaya spoke of letting your conscience be your guide.”  I don’t know why Sanaya has quoted old Jiminy two days in a row, but I love the synchronicity!