open_armsAnd so, you hear of some who were killed in what seems a random fashion … an accident or so-called “act of God,” and this brings a bit of fright.  “That could have been me,” you think as you realize how quickly life can change and death can come.  Of course this is frightening to you when you cling to human awareness, where change is not embraced and death is perceived as an ending.  What if death were celebrated as are births in your world?  They are births into our world, and the soul’s return from a long journey is celebrated.  You are welcomed with open, loving arms.

What you really fear is the unknown.  To most humans, change and death are laden with this.  To those who are attuned to the soul, change is natural and a welcome part of growth and learning.  Death is but a passage.  It carries no fear, no stigma, no meaning, really, except that which you ascribe to it.  Could you not do with a bit less fear in your life?