heart“Love them anyway.”  Why is this so hard for you to do when one does not think or act or speak as you like?  Where there is dissonance, you bristle, and immediately you put up a wall.  Do you know that you have just isolated yourself and not the other? 

Who are you?  You are not a thinking machine, although that might be a way to view certain humans.  But what is it that powers the human?  It is Love.  By embracing the idea that all of you are That—loving, breathing aspects of Love experiencing Itself as the full spectrum of possibilities—then you have accepted yourself as well. 

What’s not to love?  If you can list a litany of things, then you have not yet internalized the difference between human love and divine.  It is all okay.  You are part of a self-informing system here in this school of life, and by merely questioning such things the system is evolving ever closer and closer to what?  To pure, unconditional love, which is the meaning of wholeness.