truthDo you blindly believe what others tell you?  “My church says …”  “My teacher told me …”  “Did you hear that …?”  Have you not learned by now?  Humans love a story, and the more it is filled with fear or delight, the more the story gets around.  Humans are emotional beings.  They are often slaves to the ups and downs these emotions engender, and so they are slaves to the stories as well.  “Tell me a secret,” they say with delicious anticipation.  What will you believe?  Titillating stories?  Fear-laced belief systems?  Or that which, when tested in the heart feels just right?  Truth is neither laced with fear not titillating excitement.  Truth is just that … peaceful.  Be cautious of what you buy into.  In your growing awareness of Truth be discerning and be at peace.