Have you had an experience when with great anxiety someone tells you a bit of news and you also become anxious?  You run off and take action, perhaps calling another to spread the news, only to find out that it is false?  Your worries and anxiety were for naught.  We are not telling you not to believe others.  We are advising you to remain neutral so that you control your emotions and remain peaceful no matter what appears to be happening.

When someone is anxious and shares news, you can reply, “Oh, my,” as you repeat to yourself, “Isn’t that interesting.”  Now open your heart, send compassion to the one who is not at peace and remain yourself in a state of detached compassion.

There are two sides to you:  human and soul.  You are both at once and you choose with which one to respond to any news, any situation.  Choose wisely.  Choose peace.