And so, we return to the bees (See Sanaya’s post of October 13, 2017).  When you become aware of a bee in your vicinity, how many of you stiffen in fear?  You swat and scream and run, all based upon what?  Past experience of being stung, being hurt.  Why did the pain happen?  Why the sting?  Because you did not allow the bee to simply be.  The bee is doing her job, going about her business.  She cares only for serving, but if stepped upon, if bothered and swatted, she will protect herself with her venomous stinger.

Watch your visceral reaction to one who is simply going about his business.

Allow the bee to be.  Be silent, be calm, and observe that no harm befalls you.  There is a great lesson here for all of life.  Of course there are times to intercede, but the heart hears our message loud and clear:  Allow and be at peace.