Do you find you have the same disturbing dream over and over with the same characters and the same scenarios?  There is a message there.  A great lesson:  You are carrying around fears that are ready to be cleared.  You may think you have outgrown the issue, but the dream or nightmare is a gift.  This gift is there to bring you awareness.  “It was all a story!” the dream says.  You have grown past that time in your life, but this one aspect of your story has yet to be cleared.  Please look at this mini-drama and ask it what it has to teach you.  See that part of your past as a lower vibration that you have outgrown.  Acknowledge that it was never more than a story, as is your entire human drama.  Now that you know you are a beautiful light temporarily living out a story as a human, you can align with your higher self and dissolve the human stories that long ago played out and are no longer in alignment with who you are in this no-moment.  “Thank you, dramas, for bringing me to this awareness.”

Note from Suzanne:  An excellent way to clear thoughts and vibrations which no longer serve you is through EFT (tapping).  For an excellent video on how to use EFT, scroll to the bottom left of the page at