Forget the past. It was a moment of the present that is no longer present and no longer affects you unless you hold onto it so tightly that you fail to see the beauty in the present moment. Yes, certainly you can learn from those past moments, but not by dwelling there. Take the lessons of how you could have reacted to those now-passed-moments and apply that learning in the present-now-moment. If you were not loving, be loving now. If you were loving, be ever more so. Do you get the picture?

The only thing that matters is love, for Love is what you are—pure Spirit in human form. It is your mission now to express your True Self. You do not do that in the past. You do not do that in moments not yet here. You do that now, followed by now, followed by now. There is only now to be the Presence of Love. It is quite simple, especially when not bogged down by thoughts of now-moments-passed. Begin anew in each now-moment to express your Self, and there will be no need to look back, for your only reality will be one of perfecting Love and Loving Perfection.