Just as a pebble sinks to the bottom of a lake, your conscious mind sinks into the depths of the Pure Consciousness of which it is a part. Deeper and deeper you go as you relax the body and allow the thoughts to drift away on the surface. There in the depths will you find peace—away from the vagaries of the winds and currents. There in the depths will you find silence. It may seem dark, but in actuality, it is filled with Light … not a brightness such as that radiated by your sun, but a brightness within your very soul that has been there all along, waiting for you to leave the surface with its constant changes and rest a while in the peaceful depths.

While there you may ask, “Fill me with your light,” and when this request is answered, then you will know what true brightness is, and why—in your limited language—you do equate love and light. Words are, indeed, limited, for no artifice of man can describe that which is limitless. It can only be known through experience. Visit the depths of your soul, leaving the surface of your physical world for a while on a regular basis, and words will no longer be necessary.