Berries on a branch
Hang heavy and low.
The fruit of the tree
So abundant does it grow.

You reach up and pluck it.
It’s there for you to take.
With all of this sweetness,
Just what will you make?

All the world is yours,
Just like the tree that’s filled with fruit.
Yet so many wander blindly
And fail to see this Truth.

See the branches full,
Or see the tree stripped bare.
What you see is your experience
What you think, it appears there.

Will your cup be empty?
Or will you choose to see it full?
The world is as you make it:
A gentle push or mighty pull.

Make the choice to see all goodness,
For Goodness is your Source.
Demonstrate That which you are
And never more will you need force.

There is power in surrender.
There is might in being still.
All the fruits of Life await you
When you surrender to God’s will.