Note from Suzanne: Sanaya has spoken about the theme of this post in the past, but we can always use a reminder of this message again.

Blessed are the meek. Why do you think this is so? Meekness is not weakness. To be meek means in your language timidity mixed with a bit of reticence, but this is not the meaning the Master you call Jesus meant with this phrase. When you can learn to sit back and allow those you consider powerful to bellow, there is great power in this so-called meekness. When you can say nothing in response to verbal attacks upon yourself, there is great power in such so-called meekness.

Meekness, enacted without ego—-without the inner chest-thumping of thinking yourself superior for not reacting in kind to assaults, but merely not reacting because you know that the true spirit need never show force or anger—-then you have discovered the ego-less power in meekness. A “meek” person can sit back and observe all sorts of turmoil and feel no turmoil at all on the inside. Truly, blessed are the meek.