Night turns into day, and day into night. The cycles of life are everywhere. You have your four seasons, your tides, your monthly changes, your birth and death. Yes, this, too, is a cycle. Have you found anything in life which does not experience rebirth … recycling? Even your scientists know that energy is recycled, and have we not told you that you are pure energy … pure consciousness? Then why would you not experience recycling as well?

The part of you that you know as “you” will always be accessible, for energy cannot be destroyed, merely transformed. And so, while your physical body may be recycled into dust to form some other form someday, your consciousness as well will be recycled. But those who know you as you will always recognize that aspect of you when you meet again on the other side. Fear not that your loved ones will not be waiting for you when you have passed through this current cycle you call life. Those aspects of the Great Soul you come to know and love will be there and are there now.

But where is “there?” It is here, now, as all energy cycles around you. You merely need attune to the vibration, which cycles, does it not? How do your scientists measure energy? As a frequency. And how do they measure frequency? In cycles. All of life consists of energy and cycles, and you are That.