Alight you shine
With a fire so bright
That all can feel it
Even had they no sight.

This is what happens
When God’s love you know.
And through your actions
His Light you do show.

Hide not this Light,
But let it shine
And all will then sense
That this Light is Divine.

All have this Light,
But in some it is dim.
They first need to discover
That Light there within.

It burns there just waiting
To be thus discovered.
For a Light such as this
Shall not remain covered.

What to do if your light
Feels like only an ember?
Simply love all you can
And then you’ll remember

That this Light’s who you are.
It has always been you.
When love you do show
You’ll discover it’s true.

Love all who you see.
Hold them all in your heart
Then this ember inside
Will awake with a start.

Any longing you had
Will no longer remain.
When with love you do act
You do fan your own flame.