There are vibrations all around you. Many of them you perceive through the physical senses, but many go unperceived. Think of one whose senses are a bit dulled. He hears not a certain pitch, and for him, this sound does not exist. It is not part of his reality, but to others it is quite evident. There are those in your world whose sensory perceptions are more heightened than others. “Is there truly a spirit world?” They are asked. “Do you really believe this?” and the question comes as a surprise. “You may not see or hear what I do,” says the one whose instrument is more finely tuned, “but they are there. Trust me.”

Trust us when we tell you that the spirit world is quite real. What is reality, but your current focus of consciousness and perception. Reality exists on many levels, in different dimensions, for consciousness is unlimited. You are experiencing one aspect of Reality now, but by expanding your consciousness through intention, you begin to perceive how truly unlimited you are.

How far can you expand your perception? Learning to do so is part of the great adventure you call Life.