Zippers … two sides of hard metal with teeth, that when joined together bring closure and firmly hold two pieces of cloth as one. The teeth fit together as a puzzle, perfectly joined one after another, yet if not aligned properly at the start, there is no closure. There is malfunction.

You have two sides to your being: an ego side which is quite necessary to operate in the physical world, and a spirit side, which is your eternal self—that which you have come here to uncover and express. It is quite possible for the two sides of yourself to fit together beautifully whilst in this physical experience. It is simply a matter of finding the proper alignment.

When your life seems out of sorts, there is a gap between the two sides—the zipper cannot knit together. Seek the proper balance between operating from the ego, which is useful when performing certain tasks, and from the spirit-self, which knows no separation, only love. When you have found the balance, the zipper slides freely, the cogs fit together quite well, and you experience harmony.

Do not mistake the message—the spirit is your true Self. It is not a 50-50 proposition between spirit and ego. We merely wish you to acknowledge and honor the two sides of yourself you now experience and seek balance between the two—a perfect fit.