It matters not how many birthdays you have. What matters is how you fill those days. Do you use your time in this body to love? Do you use this time to grow? If you see a new wrinkle, do you bemoan the fact that the body is changing, or do you celebrate how much you are learning?

The body is naught but a tool. Use it to indicate when you are out of alignment in your thoughts. It will clench, tighten, and sicken if your thoughts are not pure and loving. Relax. Thank the body for telling you so clearly that the spirit is being suppressed. Set your spirit free by releasing fear and worry, by releasing judgment and anger. First and foremost, do not judge the body, but thank it for its lessons—for being the perfect outward mirror of what is happening inside.

Celebrate your birthday each morning that you open your eyes. “Thank you, Spirit, for giving birth to this day, and for giving me the opportunity to learn and love.”