So many of you hunger … You hunger for friendship. You hunger for peace. You hunger for love. You walk around as if a starving person, picking up crumbs of what you hunger for wherever you find them, ever grateful to those who drop them.

Open your eyes! The crumbs are infinitesimally small compared to the banquet … the veritable feast of peace, joy, and love which is set and awaiting your enjoyment. The key to this dining room lies within the mind. With your thoughts you create the platters. With your thoughts you create the steaming dishes. With your thoughts you create the knives and forks, and with your thoughts you unlock the doors.

Do you understand the analogy? The mind is the key! Nothing outside of you is real. You create the feast, just as you create the famine. Do you wish to have more love, joy, and peace? Create it, radiate it, and then feast upon it. Do not search and scrounge for crumbs outside of yourself. Be that which you seek, and never again go hungry.