Note from Suzanne: Yesterday while running, I was thinking about the earthquake and tsunami which had just occurred in Japan, and I couldn’t help but hurt for so many people who were affected. I suddenly received an insight into how to look at yet another seeming tragedy in our world. This morning in meditation, I asked Sanaya to expand on that insight, and what follows are the words I heard …

You see the images of tragedy on your screens. They bring pain to your heart. Why is this? Why do you identify so strongly with the pain of others? It is quite simple: you are viewing a reflection of yourself. Each human is but a mirror of your soul, for there is only one Self.

As above, so below. All human beings are cells in the Body of God. This, my friends, is the meaning of “oneness.” Just as the body of the human has its various parts which take on differing appearances, the Body of God, in the form of humanity, does have differing appearances in its varying parts, but all are part of the one Body.

Do you see now why you hurt when others are injured or pass from this life? A massive event such as that which did occur in response to the earth changes did result in the mass transition of many souls. To you, who sees not the big picture, this mass casualty is as a massive wound to your very body. Yes, of course it hurts to see these images … to think of the pain suffered by so many. And why does it hurt? Because, oh spirit-beings, IT IS YOUR BODY. There is only one Body.

So, for now you hurt, but does not the body have the most miraculous way of healing? This wound will mend. Healing will take place, and healing of the souls of those left behind will take place even faster as the Body of Man realizes that those who did transition to the other side are not gone forever, but live forever, for all cells in the Body of God are but eternal souls.