Carry on your tasks of the day as if nothing were wrong. “But how can I do this?” you ask, “when around me my world is falling apart?” Do you see the angst you create with this very thought? It is there you place your focus, and in this way do you perpetuate the crumbling of your circumstances.

Realize that thoughts create things. Shift your focus to the Perfection inside you. This is where peace begins. Radiate that peace outward, knowing that you cannot experience peace without, until peace reigns in your thoughts. So rein in your thoughts. They do not control you—although this fallacy you may have accepted. Throw out such lunacy and take control of your life.

You are Perfection at your very core. See this, believe this, and then begin to create this around you. Banish your fears. Know that all things are possible when you tap into the limitless potential of the mind. Mind not what others may have told you throughout your life. Mind not what falsehoods you have believed. Know now that a loving God governs all things … is all things … and when you tap into that Love which lies at your very core, all things are possible—even peace in the midst of seeming chaos. Chaos does not exist at the level of the spirit. Go there to find Peace. Go there to find Love. Go there to find your Self.