What is a memorial, but a way of remembering, of
keeping something or someone dear in the memory.  Every moment can thus be a memorial
moment.  As you pause today to remember
and memorialize your fallen ones, we honor all of you.  The true hardship is for those left behind to
soldier on.  Death is not a tragedy for
those who have passed, but simply a new chapter.  Mourn not your fallen ones, but celebrate
Life and Love.  That is what you miss,
but it is still there, most especially as you memorialize a being, bringing
them to your heart, where they live on always.

Yes, honor those who have passed.  You call it a sacrifice, and yes, it is, but
rest assured that your loved ones who died in service salute YOU for your
sacrifice.  Can you feel the love they
send to you … in memoriam?  Love goes on,
and your memories ensure that your loved ones remain close, making every day
memorial day.