Ah, yes.  You
set a goal for yourself.  Perhaps you
were going to eat certain food in certain amounts for a certain number of days
and you did not do so.  Perhaps you were
going to change a lifelong habit and you fell back into your old ways.  And what happened?  You fell back into your old ways of thinking
badly of yourself.  Habits, habits,
habits.  What are they?  Patterns of behavior.  And what are you?  A pattern of energy, here to learn and grown
and to learn and grow to love.

Can you love yourself—this pattern of energy you
call “you” just the way you are without changing your patterns of
behavior?  Ah, yes.  There’s the question.  It may be difficult for you to do when you
see with your human eyes.  So, shift to
seeing with the eyes of the soul, which understands human behavior and
patterns.  There you will find compassion
for the human side.  There you will find
understanding and patience.  There you
will be free of shoulds and incriminations … free to simply be love as you look
at your human self with the understanding that you are perfect just the way you
are, you beautiful soul.