After a busy couple of weeks sharing the messages of hope at presentations in Marin County, San Jose, and San Francisco, Ty and I are recharging at Yosemite National Park.  That doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped serving Spirit altogether … in spite of having no cell phone signal, I do have WIFI in the campground and am able to use Skype to do readings. 

This morning I didn’t need a phone to get a five-bar signal with Spirit, resulting in the kind of connection with the other side I pray for.  I was able to show a deeply grieving mother that her child is still very much with her.  As healing as it was to bring through clear and verifiable evidence from her deceased daughter, the session was so emotional that afterwards I had to ask Ty to just hold me.  His arms around me helped to ground me and connect physically, heart to heart — something that is missing in phone or Skype readings.  Sometimes I wonder if he has any idea how important he is to this Work.

Another way in which Ty contributes is by helping me to find balance.  Immediately after wrapping up the reading, we headed for Yosemite Valley and struck out on Mist Trail.  It was just what the doctor ordered to walk in such natural splendor.

My favorite natural wonders are waterfalls, and Yosemite has no shortage of them.  This up-close and personal exchange with Vernal Falls filled me to overflowing.

When at our campground we had enjoyed a fun petting zoo with miniature donkeys, goats, and alpacas.  As much as I enjoyed interacting with the animals there, the experience couldn’t hold a candle to encountering a young coyote during our afternoon hike in the national park.  In the photo on the left, look above me on the rocks and you can see him and how close we came to his den.  (If you are viewing this blog from my Facebook page and want to see all of the photos, visit:  The photo below shows why this encounter took my breath away.  As always, Ty has done a wonderful job of chronicling our recent California adventures and will include more on Yosemite in his next post to his blog, Life As Ty Sees It.

Tomorrow looks to be surprisingly similar to today.  I’ll start with a reading for yet another mother who has lost a daughter, and then we’ll head back to Yosemite to see more waterfalls, do some hiking, and hope for some more National Geographic moments.  I’ve set the intention of a five-bar signal with Spirit for the reading and a five-star experience in the park. 

I truly enjoy exercising and spending time outdoors to balance my work as a medium.  These activities provide the perfect blending of body, mind, and spirit, but you know what?  There’s nowhere that God is not.  Love, beauty, and Presence have been my companions today, just as they promise to be tomorrow.  As I close my eyes tonight to recharge my body with blessed sleep, it will be with the deepest reverence and gratitude to Spirit … the All That Is.