Rays of sunlight break through the clouds, catching
your attention, so striking are they. 
Dark clouds come to all at some point in the human existence.  The rays of light are those unencumbered by
the clouds.  They shine through like the
sun to lift those in need.  At times you
will be in the shadows and at times the roles will be reversed and you will be
the ray of light for one whose turn it is to receive. 

Never forget that the eternal Light burns within at
all times, but in your human incarnation you will experience clouds as well as
sunshine.  Never fear that you are
alone.  Look for the rays of
sunshine.  They come in many forms … sent
to you as the answer to prayers—yours and those of others—for strength and courage
to carry on.  Blessings be these rays of
light.  Blessings be upon you.