Zero in on your challenges instead of pushing them
away.  Do you wish to truly be free?  There is a reason for everything that you do
that brings you pain or angst.  Are you
willing to find out the root cause and pull out those roots?  All you need do is set the intention of
healing yourself and ask the question of your unseen helpers, of Higher
Consciousness:  “Why do I behave this
way?  Why do I have this challenge?  I wish to be healed.  Show me, please.”  And then, if you will spend time in the
silence with an open mind, free of chatter, you will hear the answers.  You will receive the insights. 
You can do this. 
You do not toil alone.  Healing
begins with the willingness to do the healing work and to feel a bit of
pain.  It is true:  What you feel you can heal.  Heal thyself with Love.