You remove a
tooth because it hurts.  Pain is an indicator
that something is amiss.  Does the t(r)ooth
 actually hurt, or is it the nerves around
it?   Where is your pain really coming


Are those around
you who you blame for your pain truly the cause of your pain, or is the real
cause the nerve endings of your thoughts and beliefs?

Pay attention to
the pain, then do what you must to extract yourself from the situation.  We do not mean for you to run away, merely to
change it in some way by changing your thoughts.  Then, if action is still required, you will
be in a much healthier position to take that action.

Can you play the
dentist instead of the one in pain?  Step
outside of yourself and look down upon the problem as the practitioner with the
higher view.  “Aha!  Here is the root cause, not this surface
issue at all.”  Be your own practitioner,
as honest with yourself as you can, then get to work on the root of your pain.