‘Tis true what they say
You cannot see the forest for the trees.
If only you could fly above
And see what the eagle sees!

Why then, my child, your view would change.
No longer would you fear.
For up so high when flying
All your answers would be clear.

The questions that you ponder now
Have all been answered, yet
You do not see this clearly
When your connection you forget.

Remembering is half the fun.
Ask the bird who flies
How free it feels to rise and soar
With abandon through the skies.

Leave your worries on the ground.
Rise above the body and you’ll see
That never do you walk alone
When you fly with Me.

You can lift off any moment.
You can rise above the pain.
Drift beyond the storm clouds
Far beyond the rain.

This freedom is your birthright.

You’ve merely lost your way.
But take My hand, come fly with me
On this, Remembrance Day.