Have we not told you
this life is a play?  For some it is a
drama, for others an adventure.  And do
you not have your script?  You have your
role and your words so well memorized, so well-practiced, that you repeat them
without thinking. 

Perhaps it is time to
update your role.  Classics are
entertaining, but times do change.  Can you
modernize your lines a bit?  How about a
bit of improvisation now and then?  See
how your audience reacts if you change things up a bit.  You may surprise yourself.  See how it feels to step outside the lines
once in a while.  Does it bring more
peace, love, and joy?  Then step to
center stage and expound on these new lines a bit more.
You are not stuck in
your current role at all.  Allow yourself
to be inspired.  You are a co-creator
with the Creative Director of life. 
Enjoy the freedom.