Why would you do something that goes against what your heart is telling you to do?  Herein lies the paradox:  Many act contrary to their heart’s urging to feel more loved, to gain appreciation and approval.  Ah, this is where you can see two modes of being engaged in a dance:  the soul and the human role.  The soul already knows it is Love in expression.  The soul already knows it is whole.  The human role being played by the soul often takes on a power of its own and occludes awareness of the soul.  This is when integrity is not on the stage.  Integrity is following the soul’s urging.  Doing so is what we mean by following the heart — the bridge between the human role, the soul, and All That Is … pure Awareness.  Know you are already whole, beautiful soul, and you will never have a challenge with integrity. 

You are so very loved.