“I’m not coming back!” you say when life becomes a bit too challenging for your taste.  That is all well and good, but what if you knew that all of these challenges are temporary?  “But my loved one is gone!” you exclaim, and that feels far from temporary.  Ah, this belief is the evidence you need to realize you are viewing life from the limited human perspective, and you are far from only human.  You are also a soul and every other possible level of being, for all is interconnected.  This is why you can connect with the heart and mind of your beloved after they are no longer in a body.  Find that eternal aspect of yourself by shifting modes.  It only takes an instant, for all there is are here-now instants in which you meet eternity.  Figure this out and you won’t mind coming back for the experience, bringing with you greater Awareness.  This, dear soul, makes all the difference. 

You are so very loved.