What does it mean to do something mindlessly?  Without awareness. Now, this is a misnomer, for Awareness is the essence of who and what you are, so you cannot be without Awareness.  Even as you sleep, Awareness is responsible for the bodily functions at multiple levels.  So, what is mindlessness?  Shall we say, it is when the subconscious content of Awareness is running the show … your role in the story, as it were.  If you were mindful, you would be using the conscious mind, with the emphasis on “conscious.”  To act mindlessly, you are allowing the robotic motions of the subconscious to act.  Do you really want to act based on the past?  To create new habits, get in the habit of acting mindfully, making choices based upon the details you notice here and now.  We dare say, you will feel brighter and lighter. 

You are so very loved.