Somnambulism. This large word means ambulating in a dream.  You would call it more simply sleep walking.  When walking in one’s sleep there is the danger of bumping into things, yet the experience in the mind is very real.  Aha.  Could it be that you are sleep walking when you bump into each other due to what is going on in the mind?  Open your eyes!  All that you experience is not out there, dear friend.  It is all happening in the mind.  And what is the mind?  It is not the brain, but the content of Awareness.  This Awareness is the one part of you that never changes.  If it changes, it is content …the mind.  Do not be content to stumble about blindly.  Question reality and continue the search for that which never changes … that which is already within you … and here you will find peace.  From peace arise wiser more loving choices.  That is enough for Now. 

You are so very loved.