“We are the world.”  You may recall these lyrics, and with good reason.  There is great truth in this statement.  All of you make up one wholeness, yet there is wholeness within wholeness, like nested dolls.  Kingdoms, species, bodies, cells … where does it begin and where does it end?  It does not.  There is only the ongoing arising of creation from the limitless sea of creation, which is neither complete nor incomplete, but simply IS.  It behooves you to see the wholeness of humanity instead of breaking it down into parts if you are ever lacking in compassion.  It behooves you to see the completeness of creation if you are ever feeling alone.  Separation is transitory and important for the completion of experiences, but it is also a limited picture.  See the wholeness and understand better how each of you is critical as you make up the world of the manifest. 

You are so very loved.