You awaken from a bad dream.  Shake it off, like a dog shaking wetness from its fur.  That’s all a dream is:  drops of thoughts and images and sensations that get stuck in your fur for a while.  Shake it off, clear it out, and you are back to your old self as a human.  Now shake off the years of thinking you were anything less than love.  This is the greatest dream of all.  It may not necessarily be a bad dream.  The illusion of thinking you are separate from Source can often feel like a bad dream, but when it leads to the realization that you cannot be separate or be alone and that you are therefore so very loved, the dream changes.  There may be burbles of slipping back to sleepiness along the way, but now you know what to do.  Shake it off and remain awake.

You ARE so very loved.  That is no dream.

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