“There is safety in numbers,” you say.  And then you may begin to wonder, just how many does it take for you to be safe?  What is the perfect number?  One, dear one.  There is safety in knowing that you can shift awareness to being aware of the interconnectedness of all that exists.  There is safety in seeing the God-winks, the synchronicities that arise when you become aware of the web of which you are a part.  And what does this web point to?  Oneness.  Wholeness.  Indivisibility.  Connectedness.  And what is the one number that defines all of these—the many words you can use to describe this state?  Why of course, it is One.  There is no fear when one recognizes the underlying oneness of being.  Therefore, when fearful, do not seek more and more and more numbers.  Return to the One. 

You are so very loved.