Groveling … begging … what do these connote?  Desperation. 
A lack of trust.  A lack of
remembering what you have forgotten, either in the moment or over the years:  that you are spirit … divine at your essence,
or you would not be breathing.  The
greatest Power that exists breathes through you and as you.  Need you grovel or beg for anything?  Beware of conceit.  This Power has neither humility nor
pride.  It simply is.  Is what? 
Presence.  Being.  Love.

Does this make sense to you?  If not, sit in the silence until you feel the
fullness of nothingness, and then you will know that at your core you lack
nothing, have everything, and are enough. 
You always have and always will have and be enough, for Presence is
everywhere and everything, and you are That. 
Trusting That, knowing the self as That, you need never again plead or
beg, but surrender into the knowing that all is ultimately well.