Unfolding and enfolding.  If you read some of your theories of Being you will learn about this theory of consciousness manifesting.  Pay attention and you will see this rhythmic, circular pattern in existence all around you:  Birth-death, exhale-inhale, grow-wither.

Why unfold at all?  For in the folded state, the pure potential held within is quite static.  The inherent creativity is bursting to burst forth … to unfold.  You and your experiences are but one minuscule example of the unfolding, and when you pass from this physical experience, you will enfold fully into your soul nature, which is but an unfolding of your True Nature.  As you enfold, you will take with you all of these experiences and the growth that has ensued as a result of having them.

How much love is enfolded in your being?  How much of your potential to love are you unfolding now?  You reap what you sow.  You came here to sow love.  Unfold it moment by moment and you will realize you have always been enfolded in the arms of Love.