Laughter.  Can you find it in the face of a challenge?  Not as a weapon or an insult, but as an ice breaker.  When facing challenges, at times a barrier arises between you and another and/or around your heart, energetically.  Humor can dissolve this barrier in an instant, putting it as a tool on equal footing with gratitude.  “What’s so funny?” Is a good question to ask when troubled … not aloud, for this may raise ire, but to yourself, in all seriousness, as a prompt to look for the humor.  What’s so funny is how often the human side of you gets caught up in the drama, forgets the human conditioning is not really in charge, and runs off and does such human things.  May you laugh freely and appropriately at the human condition, knowing you are in this world but not of it.  You are so very loved.