Picture your movies where someone is kidnapped.  The abductors put a blindfold over the victim’s eyes so they cannot see where they are going.  We do not wish to frighten you … humans live enough already in fear.  Could it be that you are living in a blindfolded state?  Could it be that you have become so blinded to your true nature as an emanation of Higher Consciousness that you no longer see through your true eyes, but through a lens that has become completely clouded by human perceptions?

Even as you begin to peel off the human blindfold and see with the eyes of the soul the blindfold wants to keep slipping back.  This is conditioning.  You have not been kidnapped, except by your thoughts, experiences, and beliefs about reality.  Reality is far more expansive than you think.  Humans see as if through a tunnel.  Move your awareness down and see through the heart.  You need no human vision to know love … divine love.  This love is what has always been within and around you as the layers of being human piled up.  Reverse the process and find peace.

You are so very loved.