Sanaya says:  When you cannot look another in the eye, examine that.  Why do you glance away?  Why the awkwardness?  The eyes are the window to the soul.  Some experience or some person has taught you to be guarded, to not let another see what is inside of you.  Perhaps there is shame.  Perhaps you feel unworthy.  Perhaps you are afraid of not being loved.  Perhaps you have lied and you are afraid others will see that.  In any case, it all comes down to fear and other very human thoughts.  Put all thoughts aside.  Put all memories aside.  Dispense with thinking and feeling, and fearing, and simply be.  Be what, you ask.  Be the light within that never goes out.  There is nothing to do to be the light.  Even at its dimmest the light glows.  Go there when you want to avert the eyes and know that this light is love.  Before all else, before all fear, before any shame, I AM.  With humility and gratitude, harness the I AM and gaze at this light within the other.  We dare say you will feel a spark.  Repeat as often as necessary until the spark becomes a flame.  You are so very loved.