How can you be loving to yourself when you have not experienced it from others?  Model this behavior.  Become an actor upon a stage and step into the role of one you know who is loving, kind, and compassionate.  Now play that role to the hilt and turn your acting towards those parts of yourself that need it most.  Radiate that compassion, that kindness, and that love without condition that you have seen modeled to the part of you craving these things.  This is not silly.  You are co-creating as an extension of Creation, of Presence itself.  Create the loving environment you may have missed when you needed it most.  Pamper yourself.  Give yourself the greatest gift of love.  It is being given to you constantly by those in the higher realms, by your unseen helpers, but you can do your part to crack open fissures in the walls you have built around feelings you have been too frightened to feel.  You are so very loved.