Others give you gifts.  There are some with greater monetary value than others.  In your human world, at times money equates to love.  If one spends more money on you, does that mean they love you more?  At times, that is the reality in their mind.  But what if another has no money, yet overflows with love?  The tiniest of gestures can be worth more than a handful of diamonds.  “It is the thought that counts” has great meaning.  What is the thought behind the gift?  Was it an obligation to give those diamonds?  Then the cheap dime store ring carries far more value than the former.  Do not think in terms of size, shininess, or monetary value when another gives you a gift.  Feel the intrinsic value in terms of the heart-felt love behind the gift.  As the giver of gifts, you can imbue your present with heart-filled love and increase its value ten-fold.  Give from the heart and you are giving a most priceless treasure.  You are so very loved.