Sanaya Says:  Picture an extension cord — the kind you would know as a power strip.  There is one source of Power.  The same source flows through all of the outlets, yet each of the outlets is just a bit separated from the other.  Each of these power source outlets powers various apparently separate items.  They can be quite diverse, yet none of them would function were it not for the self-same power flowing through them.  Are you beginning to understand the analogy?  There is one Source, one Power.  It flows through you, yet at the same time, it IS you.  This is the critical point we wish you to understand.  Like the extension cord, you are an extension of the power, not separate from it.  An extension.  This should neither humble you nor puff up the ego.  It is a simple yet grand Truth.  Source is, and you are an extension of that.  How will you use This Awareness?  You are so very loved.