Ulterior motives.  Be aware of those.  Why are you doing a thing?  Is it to help, or is it to get something for yourself?  You see, there is a fine line here, for every time you help or serve, you do reap benefits.  It can be no other way, due to the Law of Reciprocal Action.  The ego wishes you to get, get, get, and so it will devise ways for that to happen, often trying to convince you that the only reason you are giving and serving is out of altruism.  Hear us well:  There is nothing wrong with receiving.  An exchange of energy is a good thing.  It is, however, a good thing to keep ego in check by checking your motives when you have a thought of giving.  Giving from a place of purity, with no need or desire for anything in return feels as good as receiving.  Giving for the ego’s reasons feels a bit tainted.  Check in with your heart and make the highest choices simply so that your light shines as brightly as possible.  You are so very loved.