Look around you! What do you see? Do you see a world that fits your expectations? You take everything you see and fit it into safe categories that are known to you, that are comfortable to you, that match what you can make sense of. And what if a brand new creature appeared before you and you had no words for it, nothing with which to compare it? What would you do? How would you process it? Still you would relate it to something you know instead of getting to know this strange creature in the present moment.

Be an explorer of your world as if you had just been deposited into it from another place and time. See with new eyes: the eyes of the soul. Allow yourself to be in-formed from the aspect of you that is beyond space and time and see how that changes things for you. This is the world that Spirit has made. Instead, you have made it the world that habit and “what others taught me” has made. Stale versus fresh. Try the fresh approach and see how that brings more joy and peace into your life.