Expect miracles.  Be on the lookout for them.  They are a’coming.  What is a miracle?  A coincidence of two worlds.  Look up that word.  In this case, it does not mean chance occurrence, it means side by side coming together of two worlds.  This is no chance happening.  The non-physical world is right here beside you, in you, and running through you, connecting you with the realm of miracles.  It is not that the non-physical world is a magical place.  It is only that as you become aware of your true nature as both a physical and non-physical being, you access Awareness that heretofore you may have been ignoring.  “Bring on the miracles!” May this be your call of awakening.  It will cause you to be more aware of the beauty, of the joy, of the connection that exists simply because there is a higher Order to things.  You are not alone.  You never have been.  You could not possibly BE without the realm of the non-physical.  You are a being of Light, of Consciousness.  Acknowledge this and start to notice the coincidence.

Note from Suzanne:  I did as Sanaya said and I did look up the word.  It is “the condition of coinciding.  To occupy the same place in space.  To coincide exactly.”  Yes!  So, when our loved ones who have passed say, “There is no ‘there’, there is only here, and I’m right here,” they mean it!  Blessings to you. May the miracles continue!