Yes, the wounds you heal do look like glow worms in the aura when seen from above.  Shine your light brightly.  Where do you see blockage … scar tissue?  It is never too late to heal a wound.  When do you catch yourself acting in any way that is less than loving?  That is an indicator of ego at work.  Ego does not want you to realize how magnificent it is to simply be the Light.  Catch ego in action and ask Higher Consciousness to show you the source of that pain.  Be willing to relive experiences that caused the pain, but to see them with new understanding.  Insights will flood you when you are willing to look.   And yes, you need not ever do this alone, but do take a look.  It is time to allow more of your light to shine.  When you feel how good the light feels, you will wonder why you waited so long.  You are so very loved.