For clarity of vision
Look within
That which seems inscrutable
See with new vision

There inside the spirit lies
To animate the body
Which walks and speaks
Yet knows little of the valley and the peaks
Of mighty mountains
So high, so forbidding
To climb them seems
A task quite unforgiving

But harness the power of the mind
Then soar like a hawk
Above the mountain top

The wave of the ocean holds no power
That which makes it rise and fall
That which controls it all
Is Source
The Force
The great mystery
Throughout history
Man has stopped to ponder
How it all began
Knowing not that all he sees
Is part of one big plan

Oceans wide and mountains tall
The Lord God made them all
These ancient words they hold great truths
Yet focus not your eyes
On craggy peaks that reach for the skies
Look inside
To that which you see not
Search instead your very own thought

There you share
The creative power of the master
There’s no way to do things faster
But to know that given time
All is done with power sublime
See beyond the surface to the core
There inside is beauty ever more