Fish swim upstream against the current
Dark waves push them back
Who can say when all we hold dear
Will come under attack?

Sit quietly and ponder the future
Like that dark wave it does loom
Before us
Filling us with doom

What lies beyond it?
You see not through the water
Eyes blinded

Tears fill the eyes
You don’t realize
The future it lies
Here and now spread out before you

Seeking ever yonder
All is ever changing
Nothing stays the same
The rhythm of cycles
Are all part of the game

Birth and death
Repeated without end
New growth results with every turn
This great truth please learn

You know not what the future will bring
But change is certain
There’s no final curtain
Only life that goes on
Perhaps in different forms to take
This great promise can we make:

The mind it does continue
Growing and evolving
Life’s great mysteries resolving

This is the future that awaits
Your body goes through different states
But mind does evolve
Like the earth it does revolve

Fear not the future, my child
It’s not unruly and all wild
But orderly and planned
Written in the sand