Two poems today (#52 and #53)

When toward the light you travel
Mysteries of the world unravel
There you’ll find
All things divine
Comfort beyond measure
Greater than your greatest treasure

For there beyond the curtain
One thing you’ll know for certain:
Love is real
It’s warmth you’ll feel
So reliable

You feel it not so strong
Here where crowds do throng
And snare you in their nets
Of greed and lust and power
True love these things do sour
Pushed aside for earthly goals
Love is hidden to so many souls

But once released from earthly gains
There inside the love remains
Seek it now while earth you walk
Proclaim it in the way you talk

Be a beacon for those in darkness
Guide them gently through the starkness
Of a life where love is hid
Their true demons help them rid

Know that love it will sustain you
Here and ever after.